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The Information Highway and Route 66

Posted on August 13, 2011 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)


What does the internet have in common with the Interstate? They’ll both exist for a long long time. I wonder if the people involved in the development of either realized the impact their creations would have on life in the future. The interstate transformed the movement of goods and travel and the internet transformed the movement of information. I think it helps if we compare the two in relation to our goals to see what works best for us when we sell our postcards. For instance, if we are traveling out West, the fastest way is the interstate. But taking Route 66 is a nostalgic treat that one misses in a trade off for the speed and distance you travel. Selling postcards is similar. Selling online can be viewed as the Interstate while selling at shows is the Route 66. You might have great stuff, but if the world is busy traveling via the Interstate they will never see what great stuff you’ve got.

I have heard many an excuse for not selling online. The greatest is people believe they aren’t ‘good at computers’. Not long ago, I received some sad news from an online customer. Her 89 year old mother, who was also a customer of mine had passed away in her sleep. As I read the email my heart ached. Here was a woman I had never met but I felt like I knew her. She lived on a large farm in Northern Michigan and loved to garden when her knees allowed. She loved postcards and the Halloween were some of her favorites. It was obvious in emails from her that she had a heart of gold. Some say they like to meet their customers in person. I believe I have gotten to know more people better via the internet than I ever could have in person at a show. It’s all in how you choose to interact with them whether in person or via email.

I think one amazing lesson is that even in her 80’s, this lovely customer learned to use and buy on the computer. She grabbed a hold of the fabulous technology at her fingertips when her physical body started to fail her. What a fantastic gift we can give ourselves and our customers! The internet will always be there. Bad weather, gas prices, or physical limitations do not stop people from selling or buying online. The Today Show once did a segment on how retirees on Social Security were supplementing their income. So what you learn today is an asset you can have through retirement. What a great idea! It also increases the value of postcard inventory because you can sell the entire store with all the work done already when and if you decide to retire completely. But just like any opportunity, it only is one if you take it. My advice -take it!

Article Submitted by Dovetail Dealer Tonia North

[email protected]