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Come check out our Favorite Links! 

Find out about Lowell or find us on various online sights.  You'll also find a list of our favorite links. 

Lowell Chamber Of Commerce 

  If you're planning on coming to see us in Lowell than check out the Chambers website for all the activities we have you can enjoy!  The Chamber sponsors a wonderful  Summer Concert Series every Thursday.

 North Star Antiques On Rubylan

Browse an extensive selection of holiday and topical postcards as well as a wonderful collection of political pins.  Those are the specialties you'll find but you might stumble on some other wonderful finds from other dealers as well. 

 Michigan Antique Directory

 This is a great directory to locate any Antique store in Michigan by County!

Flat River Cottage

If you're coming to Lowell and wonder what else is in town, stop in at Flat River Cottage.  They have a fun eclectic mix of Antiques and vintage furniture.  They also do consignment sale and handmade jewelry by NightforestJewelry

 Dovetail Antiques and More on Ebay!

Co-Owner Deb Parks sells all sorts of goodies on ebay.  Find old jars, pottery or a primitive piece you can't wait to own.  Have it shipped or pick it up at the store and save on shipping. 

Online Antique Appraisals - What's your item worth!

People are always asking us what something is worth.  Sometimes we are able to give them a quick answer.  Often, we have to research an item.  Here are a few websites to help you identify what something is worth.  I really like point #3 in that first link - an item is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it!   If you have a favorite research site you'd like to share please email it to me at


General Antique Research

Okay so you need to know more about what you have and need to do general research.  Here are more links to help you find what you're looking for.  Good luck!  - - Do you have a Barbie?  - Helps you locate a value for dishes, glassware and stemware.   - If you'd like to know how to estimate the age of a postcard or real photo.